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We have aluminum foil cups, customizable anti-fat cups, anti-fat cups, panettones, tulips and paper cups

Cups made of 30 micron aluminum foil in various shapes and sizes and various colors. Specially designed for food products for their preservation qualities, avoiding the loss of moisture or liquids

Càpsules alumini
DescriptionReferenceLateral (mm)Base (mm)Height (mm)Units/Box
Round num 02C1000227175.000
Round num 02C1002227172.000
Round num 02C1002127171.000
Round num 03C1000329164.000
Round num 03C1003229162.000
Round num 03C1003129161.000
Round num 04C1000433154.000
Round num 04C10041331151.000
Round num 05C1000549153.375
Round num 05C1005149151.000
Round num 06C1000662152.000
Round num 07C1000739272.000
Round num 08C1000874171.800
Round num 09C1000989181.000
Round num 10C1001085301.100
Round num 11C1001160331.500
Round num 11GC1011G60332.000
Round num 12C1001233273.000
Round num 13C1001378231.500
Round num 14C1001470301.350
Round MilanoC1001539132.000
Square num 01C200012222152.380
Rectangular num 02C200024436151.700
Rectangular num 03C200034525152.000
Square num 04C200043535132.520
Square num 05C200053434134.200
Square num 06C20006606015912
Square num 07C200075050101.323
Square num 08C200089070151.000
Square num 09C200093030182.500
Rectangular num 10C200107535132.400
Rectangular num 11C2001111545171.000
Rectangular num 12C200128743211.000
Square num 14C200147575281.200
Rectangular num 15C200153020102.240
Triangular num 13C300131158015800
Capuccino smallC3P0016028172.000
Capuccino largeC3P0027040151.224
Cone smallC3000422583.000
Cone largeC30014401251.000
Shell smallC30005323655.000
Shell largeC30006363654.000
Scallop largeC30008858552.000
Scallop smallC30009605555.000

Cups manufactured in anti-grease paper of 60 grams in different shapes and sizes. Customized with the customer’s design from 25,000 units

DescriptionBase (mm)Height (mm)
Round num 022515
Round num 033017,5
Round num 043520
Round num 054021
Round num 064523,5
Round num 075026
Round num 085528,5
Round num 095542,5
Oval mini24/5418
Oval small33/6822
Oval large29/8022,5
Tortina 016725
Tortina 028020

Cups made of 60 gram grease paper in white or tobacco (brown) and in various sizes. Ideal for the presentation of chocolates, truffles and other specialties.

DescriptionReferenceBase (mm)Height (mm)Units/Box
Round num 02C4000225552.000
Round num 03C4000330652.000
Round num 04C400B435753.000
Round num 05vC400B540823.500
Round num 07C40007501022.000
Round num 09C400B9551401.000


DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
PanetoncinoPNC0606 Base x 5 Height3.000
PanetoncinoPNC0707 Base x 5 Height2,000


DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
PanettonePT013413,4 Base x 9,5 Height2.400
PanettonePT015515,5 Base x 10,6 Height1.200
PanettonePT017717 Base x 11 Height1.200

Transparent panettone bags

DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Transparent Panetoncino bagBTS01118x25100
Transparent Panettone bag PT0134 BTS01425x35100
Transparent Panettone bag PT0155BTS01530x40100
Transparent Panettone bag PT0177BTS01635x45100

Colored panettone bags

Available colors: Gold, copper, red, blue, silver, green and tobacco
DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Panetoncino Color Bag XM67B15x2525
Panettone Bag PT0134XM67D25x3925
Panettone Bag PT0155XM67O31x5025
Panettone Bag PT0177XM67P38x5025

Tulipcup cups

Colors brown, white, orange, yellow, green and blue
DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Tulipcup whiteCTC00117,5x52.000
Tulipcup brownCTC00217,5x52.000

Bakery cups

Regia quality 90gr / m2
DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Regia quality 90gr Núm.4350313,2x2,41.000
Regia quality 90gr Núm.5350323,7x2,51.000
Regia quality 90gr Núm.6350333,9x2,61.000
Regia quality 90gr Núm.7350344,5x2,81.000
Regia quality 90gr Núm.8350355,0x2,91.000
Regia quality 90gr Núm.10350375,5x3,51.000
Regia quality 90gr Núm.253504710,6x3,6x2,81.000