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We are specialists in boxes. For cupcakes, for cake, with lid, with handle, squares, punts, for nougat and chocolates or for transport.

Cake boxes, gypsy arms and trunks with handle. They can be butterfly, automatic assembly and hexagonal.


DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)
Butterfly cakeCP14x1414x14x12
Butterfly cakeCP17x1717x17x12
Butterfly cakeCP19X1919x19x12
Butterfly cakeCP21X2121x21x12
Butterfly cakeCP23X2323x23x12
Butterfly cakeCP25X2525x25x12
Butterfly cakeCP27X2727x27x12
Butterfly cakeCP29X2929x29x12
Butterfly cakeCP31X3131x31x12
Butterfly cakeCP33X3333x33x12


DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)
Arm CakeCAB28928x9x12
Arm CakeCAB33833x8x12
Arm CakeCAB35135x10x12
Arm CakeCAB38138x12x12
Arm CakeCAB341534x15x12


DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)
Automatic CakeCTA02121x21x10
Automatic CakeCTA02323x23x10
Automatic CakeCTA02525x25x10
Automatic CakeCTA02727x27x10
Automatic CakeCTA02929x29x10
Automatic CakeCTA03131x31x10
Automatic CakeCTA03333x33x10


DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)


DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)
Hexagonal CakeCHX02222
Hexagonal CakeCHX02424
Hexagonal CakeCHX02727
Hexagonal CakeCHX02929
Hexagonal CakeCHX03232
Hexagonal CakeCHX03434
Hexagonal CakeCHX03636

Lamination and customization by thermo printing on both sides

DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)
Square Cake4P101010x10x10
Square Cake4P171017x10x10
Square Cake4P171717x17x10
Square Cake4P172517x25x10
Square Cake4P191919x19x10
Square Cake4P212121x21x10
Square Cake4P232323x23x10
Square Cake4P252525x25x10

Possibility of lid with holes

DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Tray 4 wavy transparent lidBAT002321x14x5100
Tray 6 wavy transparent lidBAT002425x18x5100
Tray 10 wavy transparent lid (Lid unmounted) BAT002924x32x5100
Tray 10 wavy transparent lid (Lid mounted)BAT002924x32x5100
Rippled tray confectionery transparent lidREP000125x25x4,5100
Rippled tray confectionery transparent lid + separatorsREP000225x25x4,5100
Wavy trunk tray transparent lidCRT000132x10x7100
Tray 4 straight transparent lidBAT002121x14x5100
Tray 6 straight transparent lidBAT002225x18x5100
Tray 15 straight transparent lidBAT002715x15x2,5100
Tray 20 straight transparent lidBAT002820x20x2,5100

Cardboard base, transparent cover (Gold, silver, black, white and kraft)

Served assembled
DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Monoporption Nougat box TU111111x11x2,5100
Small Nougat box TUE19519,5x8,5x2,5100
Medium Nougat box TU000120,5x9x2,5100
Large Nougat box TU000225x9x2,5100
Extra large Nougat box TU000426,5x9x3100

Base cardboard 4 wings, transparent cover (Black / silver, black / gold and kraft)

Served without mounting
DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Small 4 wings Nougat Box TUNP9519,5x8,5x2,5100
Medium 4 wings Nougat Box TUNP0120,5x9x3100
Large 4 wings Nougat Box TUNP0220,5x9x3100

Transparent base and lid

Served without mounting
DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Thin BoxCBPP25525,5x3,8x3100
Extralarge BoxCBPP00239x4,5x2,5100
Wide BoxCBPP00420x4,5x2,5100

Transparent box and girdles (Gold, silver, black, white and kraft)

DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Narrow short string for box CBPP255FT000018x3,8x3100
Short string for box CBPP002/4FT00068x4,5x2,5100
Small short stringFT00028x8,5x2,5100
Medium/Large short string for boxFT00038x9x2,5100

They are served assembled, with accessories.

DescriptionReferenceSize (cm)Pick
Mini Box 9 unitsMB000111x11x2,5100
Mini Box 3 units MB000211x4,5x2,5100
Paris Series 9 unitsCBP00116x18x3,520
Berlin Series 9 unitsCBB00117,5x17,5x3,520
Berlin Series 16 unitsCBB00222x22x3,520
Berlin Series 32 unitsCBB00334x19x3,520